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9 Makeup Tips For Mature Skin - 40's, 50's, 60's, And Beyond

A few very light fine lines and wrinkles here and there on our skin, we can probably live with it, but nobody wants to see their inner radiance disappear too!

Thankfully, makeup products within the beauty industry are endless and new products are being created almost daily. With a little bit of knowledge and research, you will never not be able to find the product that you want!

An error often made by those with mature skin is to become very loyal to a product that they have used for several years - sometimes over 40+ years! We have all found a product that we love and vow to keep in our makeup bag forever however, cosmetic brands are constantly updating and improving their formulas so without trying these new things, you may be missing out on something magical.

Something that looked great on you throughout your early 20's may not be the most flattering finish for you now. Skin changes over the years and so you should alter your products along the way too. Here we reveal our top beauty tips to always create a flawless finish during your next glorious decade.

1. Go Easy On The Foundation

More product is not always the answer and you could probably get away with using a lot less foundation than you already are. A mistake people make is not using enough products and applying them too heavily.

This is because heavy makeup (particularly matte foundations) formulas can sit in wrinkles and creases causing them to look more pronounced. Instead, choosing a lightweight liquid foundation that looks more like a second skin and applying it strictly only where you really need it, will give you a healthy radiant glow. Liquid Minerals A Foundation is the best foundation for mature skin due to a clever hybrid mix of encapsulated serum and foundation so your skin will get a continuous drink of hydration throughout the day.

If you still feel like you need more coverage during your makeup routine (to cover up concerns such as acne, rosacea, or dark spots rather than just out of habit) then you could always use a separate concealer afterward sparingly.

Also, wearing a foundation shade that isn't right for you can add several years onto your real age. In order to find the best foundations for mature skin, take time to choose a shade perfectly matched to your own skin tone too!

2. Define Your Lash Line

Our eye area can lose definition over the years and eyelashes which were once full and voluminous may now feel brittle and sparse. To overcome this, redefine the lash line with an intense gel eyeliner.

Black compliments all eye colours best as it makes the whites of your eyes pop but if you want to keep things super subtle then we recommend brown as an alternative.

To bring your eyelashes back to full health, you could look at incorporating an eyelash serum into your routine.

If you lack confidence when it comes to applying eye makeup then keep it simple with an old makeup artists trick by applying eyeliner to the upper waterline. Finish off by curling your eyelashes to add length and drama.

3. Take Time To Prime Your Skin

As we age, older skin tends to get naturally drier. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a wonderful humectant that holds on to water within the skin. It helps to hydrate the outer layers of the skin, thereby improving the skin's appearance.

Thankfully, our skin naturally produces Hyaluronic Acid but the bad news is that this starts to deplete as soon as our early 20s and is reduced by half by the time we reach 50. So, adding additional moisture topically to the complexion is essential.

Priming the skin with a few layers of weightless texture hydration will help your base look its best without being too heavy. Avoid thick emollient creams in the daytime as they can cause your makeup to slip and slide on top.

Key skincare items for mature, dry skin should include a Hyaluronic Acid serum and high factor broad-spectrum SPF. Allow your skin time to absorb the products fully between layers and before moving onto makeup. Apply a hydrating, peptide rich primer .

4. Don't Be Afraid Of A Little Glow

There is a huge difference between a dewy finish and looking shiny. A natural-looking glow helps the skin to remain youthful and look younger than it is, saving oil-free formula and matte finishes for combination skin and oily skin types instead.

5.Experiment With Cream Blushes

Trade your powder blusher in for a cream blush and thank us later. Cream blushers glide onto the skin like silk and, due to their hydrating ingredients, keep the skin plump rather than sinking into the cracks. You can double them up as lipstick and are completely portable too so you can throw them in your handbag and freshen up throughout the day if you require.

6. Define Your Lip Line

As with your eyes, your lips tend to lose definition and shrink over time. If dermal fillers aren't the avenue that you want to go down then you can cheat a fuller pout with the help of lip liners and clever makeup artist tricks instead.

A fool-proof option is to use a shade of lip liner closest to your lip skin tone and slightly overline round the whole lip in order to bring back the look of natural fullness. Lip liner also helps to prevent lipstick from bleeding as it can travel into fine lines and out of the lip border.

Another great option, plumping lip balms increase stimulation and encourage blood flow to the surface of the lips. This causes a temporarily swelling effect which usually lasts for around a few hours before returning back to normal (sounds scary but it's not!).

7. Brighten The Undereyes

Suffering from a constant case of dark circles? Puffiness? Fatigue? The under eyes are the first area to show any visible signs of ageing.

creates a natural-looking finish and contains light-reflecting properties to let light bounce off the surface and appear brighter. Let the key ingredients Cucumber and White Tea Extract effectively soothe sensitive and tired eyes.

Instantly vanish and lift any signs of concern with the clever triangle method; use a concealer brush to trace an upside-down triangle underneath your eye. Lightly fill in and then blend. Watch your eyes immediately light up!

8. Warm Up Your Complexion

Bronzer helps to warm up a tired or pale complexion. Use a large, fluffy brush and apply a radiant finish bronzer across the entire face as sunlight would usually act so think all over the forehead, top of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, and base of the chin.

9. Don't Skip The Exfoliator

Many people skip exfoliators thinking that it is not an essential step. However, regularly exfoliating is absolutely necessary for everybody, even sensitive skin types. Exfoliating helps to rid of a build-up of dead skin cells which can make our skin look old and tired and our complexion products not look as good as they should.

Lack of exfoliation can cause the skin to look dull and uneven, create dry patches, and make acne breakouts worse. A great place to start is with an effective but gentle exfoliator for breakout-prone skin to decongest and unclog pores.

We hope some of these tips will inspire you to try some of the range of make ups and creams we have on offer here at Wimbledon Emporium

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