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Perfumes longevity

Whenever you apply a fragrance, several factors (including your natural skin smell, mood, stress level, body chemistry, age, diet, current medications, etc.) affect the way the scent smells on your skin. Similarly, dry or oily skin can affect the amount of time a fragrance lasts after being initially applied.

A little rub of non fragranced Vaseline blended in on warm body spots before applying scent

will add to the scents longevity.

Which is why some people can smell a particular fragrance and have one impression and another can smell the same scent and derive at a different result.

That is why it is so difficult to choose a perfume hence it’s really a personal choice .

Many will stay with a particular brand without ever exploring other options and fragrances.Each Country will have its own particular popular scent.

So be adventurous and bold and dare to challenge your senses.Fragrances are to be enjoyed.

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