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An explanation of top notes ,middle and base notes

Often you will hear the expressions of “fine top notes filtering into middle then leaving the base note”Without realising what the scent is actually achieving.
Notes are what make up the fragrances there are so many out there for the perfumer to mix even the simplest scent will contain more than 3 notes it is possible to recreate almost any scent you desire.

Top notes
Are the very first scent you will smell often giving the first impression
Often fresh and fruity these scents generally can last for 10 to 20 minutes
Bergamot, grapefruit, orange and citrus such as lemon or lime hazelnut

Heart notes
Are the notes that come to the fore when the top note has faded giving a depth to the scent not as strong as the base note but forming the core of the scent lavender, rosemary, black pepper geranium rose lilies lilac and juniper

Base notes
These notes are the ones that are left after the middle notes have faded these are the most memorable
Only a small amount is needed to boost the middle and top notes vanilla bergamot amber musk sandalwood patchouli cedar wood  and jasmine

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